How to unlock your creative genius and reap the rewards


FOR YEARS I WANTED TO write a novel. Many people dream of such an accomplishment… but somehow never get to it. I even know professionals like me who always earned their money with the skill of writing (ads, brochures, packaging, web content, self-help books) and still never got to write their novel.

What was I waiting for?

When I ran into my former boss a few years ago, who had taught me how to write solid copy for ads, I was surprised and shocked to hear this brilliant and laureled copywriter still moaning about how he’d wish to write a novel. 25 years had passed and he still hadn’t done it! Catching up with him and seeing him so disillusioned definitely shook me into action and the day after, on 6 december 2012, I started writing my first novel which became Faith and Fearlessness and is available from Amazon (for those of you who love historical fiction) under my pen name M.C. Thomas.

I’ve always been a creator, but only since this novel the magic behind creating – whether it is writing, painting, sculpting, glass blowing, embroidering, wood carving, weaving or even coding an app – became more clear to me.

Ideas are out there

What I’ve experienced while writing my book and loving every step of the process, is that the idea for a story (or for a painting or sculpture) is already out there.

When in the flow of creating, it seems I have little to do with it. Somehow the new scene is poured into my brain, travels through my nerves and muscles to my fingers, which then dully type what my mind has been told to tell.

Only after completing the scene I wake from this super focussed state-of-mind to see what has just taken place. And then I set myself (and my conscious brain power) to work to find better words, sharpen the dialogues, enrich the descriptions and hone the flow of the sentences.

Ideas want to manifest

I now understand that stories (or creative ideas) are all around us and simply want to manifest. They search for the right instrument to enable themselves to transform from being an invisible vibration to turning into a tangible piece of art.

For the story of my novel I apparently was that right instrument. After 25 years of intense training – writing ads, brochures, magazine and newspaper articles, web content, long emails and four non-fiction books – my story considered me ready to help her manifest in the world of the human senses.

I was the right instrument

She has directed me to mindfulness, showed me ego’s endless collection of tricks, made me aware of the sacred creative space beyond ego, kneaded, moulded, strengthened in the hottest of fires, cast, sanded, then polished and honed my skill until boom! it was ready for the real deal.

Only when everything was in place – my writing techniques, my life experiences, my insights, and my new awareness firmly anchored in mindfulness principles – this story deemed the time right to run through me like a river, to gently lay herself down in that now perfectly shaped riverbed and to flow towards that keyboard which had been waiting for her so patiently for all those long years.

Practise mindfulness today

I believe that each of us is an instrument for the ideals which want to manifest, for the ideas which are in search of their material shape, and for the events that want to happen in our earthly life.

Just as I am an instrument to inspire and encourage you with my posts and e-course… just as Pablo Picasso was an instrument to touch people’s hearts with his art… and just as Nelson Mandela was an instrument to enlightened his people and lead them to freedom… so are you an instrument for an event, idea or ideal that needs to manifest.

But how can you possibly know what idea, ideal or event is waiting for you to receive it, shape it and then materialise it?

It’s quire simple.

Don’t ask yourself What do I want with my life?

Because that’s not the question that’s going to help you any further. Instruments don’t want anything for themselves, and that’s a good thing since they can fully free up their precious energy to focus on growing and honing their skill set.

So please forget that inefficient, dead-end ‘what do I want?’. Question and simply observe what it is that you already do with a sense of joy and deep contentment. It’s that occupation, profession, hobby or activity that comes naturally to you, that energises and makes time fly. Maybe for you it’s baking cakes, helping consumers with your business services, motivating employees, reading stories to children or designing space ships.

Read the sign

That what you do effortlessly and what makes you happy – even if it’s cleaning the bathroom – is a sign you have to acknowledge, no matter how high or low it ranks on the social status ladder.

That activity which makes you intensely happy, of which you feel deep inside that it’s beneficial to you as well as to others… that is that unique event, ideal or idea that has chosen you to be its instrument for its real world form.

Move along

The less you resist and the more you move along with it, the better it is. Have faith that you are the chosen one to fulfil this task. So please don’t walk away from it but embrace it. Today. Because this is your natural assignment. And that’s why it feels so good!

Marisa x

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Marisa Garau