How to reduce stress with these 3 easy mindfulness exercises


‘HOW TO REDUCE STRESS’ is one of the most relevant questions I get asked by many of my clients.

My answer is always consistent: practise my no-nonsense approach to mindfulness and you will create a more balance and fulfilment in your busy life. But although you know you should be investing in your health by being more mindful on a daily basis, it’s hard to find the time and the willpower if your life is dominated by deadlines, endless to-do lists and the pressure of 24/7 online connectivity.

If you’d like to find out how to reduce your stress and find peace and calm in an easy way, use the next 2 minutes to read this article with quiet attention. It might cause an inner shift that will change your hectic life for the better.


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Learn how to reduce stress with the power of mindfulness

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Hi, Hello, my name is Marisa Garau and you might have come across my international bestseller From Stress To Strength - Enrich Your Life With The Power Of Mindfulness. I practise and teach mindfulness to thousands of people worldwide, and I live a stress-free life in New Zealand.

But before that, my life was filled with stress and anxiety.

I led that same, incredibly busy life of which you might regularly wonder ‘if this is all’.

Sometimes (or rather: often) life doesn’t seem any more than a succession of suffocating obligations.

  • dressing the children

  • having breakfast in a rush

  • racing to get them to school

  • then some more racing to get to work

  • working through an endless variety of urgent jobs and managing both large and small dramas while gobbling down a quick lunch

  • then back on the road to pick up the children

  • with stress boiling through your body because traffic is incredibly slow, aarrgghh!

  • You then rush through the supermarket, cook, shower the children and get them to bed…

  • And then, finally, you’re ready to dig into that mountain of overdue house chores

Exhaustion, emptiness and guilt

At the end of the day you’re so exhausted that you can only watch some TV before rolling into bed –where you then tend to fall prey to insomnia.

After those long, busy days, I also felt a nagging inner emptiness and guilt:

  • because, again, I hadn’t been able to complete every task on my list

  • because I hadn’t given my husband the attention he deserved (naturally I had answered yes and no but I hadn’t really listened to his stories)

  • because I felt too drained to meet up with my friends in the weekend

  • because I wasn’t able to fully focus anymore so that each work assignment became an insurmountable task

Since I suffered from anxiety and chronic work stress, I couldn’t go on and burned out. 

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But burnout was actually the best thing that could happen to me. Because then I realised that I had to reduce my stress in a serious way, and so I followed the standard mindfulness training course.

A profound change

Since then I’m a complete devotee because the mindfulness principles have changed my life profoundly.

Now I write countless articles, blog posts and effective online learning programmes to share the goodness of my down-to-earth mindfulness approach which is suitable for everyone with limited time. 

No zen kerfuffle

What distinguishes me from other mindfulness masters is that I’ll teach you how to reduce stress and apply mindfulness without the standard zen kerfuffle :-)

My approach offers practical, no-nonsense mindfulness that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle… no matter how hectic your life is.

I love to make mindfulness accessible to everyone, especially because I know so well that you simply have no time to stick to the traditional mindfulness approach – indeed, that hour-long mindfulness meditation no one ever does because it is so time-consuming.

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So what can you do today to benefit from the goodness of mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a great way to start reducing stress and increasing your happiness levels. And it’s not hard: with my approach you can apply it too, even if you’re extremely busy.

Step 1. How to reduce stress by being mindful in everything you do

Choose an easy task or chore
  • walking or biking to work
  • eating a sandwich
  • cutting veggies
  • ironing a shirt

  • Now pay full attention to this task. Keep focussing on the task without losing yourself in thoughts and judgements. If your mind wanders, you’ll wake from it again. Just notice that your mind was wandering, and bring your awareness back to what you were doing. Afterwards, compliment yourself for having completing your chore in awareness!
Tip 2. How to reduce stress by feeling you body

When you sit on the couch, feel your body from within.
  • Feel the breathing process
  • Feel the heartbeat in your chest
  • Feel your feet on the floor
  • Feel your legs
  • Feel your spine
  • Feel your belly
  • Feel your arms
  • Feel how your body sits on the couch

  • Think about what your body does for you throughout the day, without ever demanding something in return. Be grateful for everything your precious body and all its complex systems allow you to do.

Tip 3. How to reduce stress by practising patience

We’re conditioned to work through our tasks and chores with great haste to save time – only to be able to work through a new list of chores with great haste. We somehow believe that working quickly is good, while working slowly is bad. But working with haste robs you from experiencing your task with awareness. Believe it or not, but fully experiencing whatever you’re doing – even a tedious chore – relaxes and provides you with genuine happiness. So resolve to do something today with patience. If it’s brushing your teeth, making a coffee or cleaning the bathroom – do it at a slower pace and pay full attention to the process.

With these 3 easy mindfulness exercises you bring instant peace and calm into your life, without having to do a complex and time-consuming mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness in everything you do

Do not think that these exercises might feel ‘too easy’ and can’t possibly be of any use. Mindfulness isn’t hard – no matter what trainers and gurus claim. Mindfulness isn’t about pushing yourself beyond your limits on a meditation cushion, being all solemn about it and depriving yourself of life’s fun stuff. 

It’s about being aware of the present moment in all those small and great things you do during the day. This way you help yourself to understand how to reduce stress and create a more fulfilling life for yourself.

Happy practising!
Marisa x

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Download my new ebook for free and learn how to ease your busy mind, so that you can discover how to reduce stress and become more resilient and emotionally balanced. 

Marisa Garau