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Get back into control of your own life


Finding joy and happiness

My personal e-mail coaching offers quick advice when you want to work through a challenging issue and could do with some mindful guidance.

My clear insights and practical advice will place your problem in a new perspective, so that you can easily dismantle it.

Hassle-free coaching

As you know I like to keep mindfulness simple, without Zen woo woo or psycho blabla.

My coaching is easy and accessible.

You can book a single session and simply see what it does for you. If it works and you want more, you just book a new session.

Feel free to send me an e-mail so we can discuss if personal coaching will work for you.

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for only 65 NZD / 45 USD

As soon as you’ve booked your session, I will contact you before we start.

How does it work?

  1. You book a session

  2. I send you an e-mail with specific questions

  3. You mail me your answers so that I fully understand your issue

  4. A day later you’ll receive my 6-pages long advice that will address the core of your issue


6 pages of specific advice that will work for you
I guarantee that you’ll receive extensive, tailor-made advice from me, specifically written to address your issue. My advice will work for you and solve your problem quickly. No airy-fairy remarks or pseudo psycho jargon, but sensible insights to help you shine a new light on an old issue. My in-depth advice, which on average takes up 6 pages, will come with hands-on exercises that you can start practising immediately.

Gain insight in your own thinking process
Writing your issues down helps tremendously to structure and understand your thoughts. This way you are already on your way to creating a better insight in your own thinking process, even before we have started the session. Writing creates engagement and connection. It also encourages you to look at your issue with fresh eyes.

Dealing with the root cause, not the symptom
My approach is down-to-earth and practical. We’re not going to dig up every detail that went wrong during your upbringing, nor will we waste time trying to find a ton of ‘poor-you’ circumstances, forcing you into powerless victimhood.
I focus on the core of the issue that bothers you and hinders you to feel happy and content. From my own experience, and the countless e-mails I receive from stressed, anxious, unhappy clients, I know that working on the symptoms doesn’t work. I think you know it too. Still, many therapies only focus on the quick win and won’t touch the real cause of your trouble.
I have been in intensive psychotherapy for more than a year, but after completion I rapidly lost it again and fell back into my highly ineffective but persisting thoughts. Only then I realised that I needed to find a sustainable solution… and then mindfulness crossed my path. Gone was my ongoing depression, gone was my relapse habit. For 15 years I have been ‘clean’ now, and I’m as happy as a puppy :-) That’s why I do my coaching a bit differently and far more efficiently by getting to the core of your problem quickly and giving you very practical advice and exercises that you can apply immediately.

No lengthy course of therapy 
I know how wonderful it is to have a counsellor or psychologist who patiently listens to all your trouble for months on end and compassionately hands out Aloe Vera tissues. But… they have no incentive to really solve your issues, since the longer you’ll stay with them, the more their wallet profits. Such an endless parade of sessions is not only costing you money, but also time and emotional pain.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… if it would eventually heal you. But research shows it doesn’t. More than 87% of people who have had psychotherapy, experience a severe relapse into harmful patterns and inefficient behaviour.
I, on the other hand, want to get you back on your feet as soon as possible so that you can continue your growing process independently. This encourages us to aim for the best possible result in a relatively short period of time. Mindfulness has completely changed my life for the better. I know it can do the same for you, and that’s the goal I want to achieve.

Coaching at home and in your own time
I remember very well what a complete hassle it was to be in time for the session with my psychologist. I first had to drive from Amsterdam West where I worked, to Amsterdam East where my psychologist worked, which took ages in such a congested city. Once in her street I had to try and park my car, which could easily take up another 15 minutes. All in all I had to set aside 2,5 hours in order to have a 1-hour session. Can you imagine how stressed and panicked I was when I finally rushed into her office? When you choose to be personally coached by me, you don’t have to get into your car or catch a train. You communicate with me from the comfort and intimacy of your own home. There is no need to waste your precious time. You’ll never have to cancel and reschedule a session. And you’ll never run late. Your learning process will be completely stress-free, accelerating your progress tremendously.

You won’t have to tell others
Since sessions with coaches, counsellors and psychologists are usually planned during the working day, you’ll probably have to inform your manager and colleagues that you are seeing a coach or counsellor. I found that upsetting, especially since I had two sessions per week when I started. My dear colleague fully understood and supported me, but after a month this ‘oh dear, I have to run, therapy you know’ became quite annoying, making me feel guilty about leaving him with the work we hadn’t tackled yet. And so I worked in the evenings to compensate for my ‘skiving off’. This kept me in the crazy treadmill of my stressed life and actually rendered my expensive therapy useless.
With coaching via e-mail you won’t have to explain to anyone what is going on in your life. You can safely keep your private issues private, without having to feel guilty for hardworking colleagues taking on your work as well. This helps you to nurture a calm mind and really benefit from our sessions.

A journal that you can re-read whenever you like
After our e-mail session you have my advice and exercises in writing, so you can save, print and re-read it whenever you feel like it. While you would struggle to remember each and every detail of a spoken advice by a psychologist or counsellor, my written advice is at your service always. You’ll find it much easier to grasp and let it sink in, allowing your mind to fully process the valuable lessons and be inspired by them. My written advice also gives you the advantage that you can re-read it when you feel you fall back into anxious thoughts and could do with a strong reminder.

With mindfulness in your life, you’ll feel more colourful, bright and alive.

With mindfulness in your life, you’ll feel more colourful, bright and alive.

Keeping your privacy safe

We all like our private matters to remain private and not wander all over the internet. That’s why I use an optimally safe e-mail address by Protonmail for all my personal coaching clients. This is a Swiss service that encrypts each and every e-mail, making your private information super safe. Prontonmail is the only e-mail service in the world that is this rigid about keeping your privacy safe.

Highly affordable

My sessions are only 65 NZD / 45 USD per single session which will give you on average 6 pages of advice, insights and practical exercises. With a regular coach you’ll have to book and schedule a minimum number of sessions, spending a large sum upfront while you don’t even know if the approach would work for you. My personal coaching gives you the freedom of simply booking a next session only when you need it. It’s good to know that you are always in full control of what you spend. Less hassle, less stress.

Feel free to send me an e-mail when you’d like to know if personal coaching will work for you.

Book Now

Or book your session now

for only 65 NZD / 45 USD

As soon as you’ve booked your session, I will contact you before we start.

Marisa ×

Let’s kick some stress!

P.S. With their permission I share some personal experiences of clients who were coached by me:

For years Jullie White struggled with her adult daughter who was addicted to prescription drugs. Somehow Julie was always dragged into her daughter’s drama, but as soon as she tried to help she was being scolded, insulted and pushed away. After just one session via e-mail Julie reported that my insights made a huge impact on her. “I’m so happy with your incredibly valuable advice, Marisa. In the kindest way possible you show me how ineffective my responses are. You have really hit the nail on the head… none of my counsellors and psychologists have ever managed to do that. You don’t judge me, you just got to work and helped me. I am so grateful that I have found you, thank you.”

• • •

Sandra Meijer decided upon my personal coaching e-mail sessions as she suffered from intense anxiety attacks and couldn’t drive to her work anymore. After only a few weeks of personal coaching she started to drive again as if nothing had ever happened. “Your wonderful and lively insights gave me inner peace. That was such a relief, Marisa! I was so happy to be able to step away from that never-ending maelstrom of fearful thoughts and feelings. Little by little I learned how to let go and allow myself to live more carefree again.” Apart from conquering her anxiety, during our sessions Sandra grew so much self-confidence that she also quit her draining job and started her own independent practice as a child’s coach — girl power!!!

• • •

Jan van Staey followed the standard 8-week mindfulness training course, but found it hard to apply the principles to his daily life. He struggled at work, suffered from sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts, and always blamed himself for everything that went wrong. “Your approach has given me hope and strength, Marisa. Now I can keep my cool and see my issues in a more realistic light. My loved ones tell me I’m a lot calmer and balanced. I gained a new belief in myself and feel strong and powerful! I managed to land myself a great job even though my competitors had better qualifications. I love working but I now stick to my own tempo and newly found enthusiasm.”

• • •

Stephanie Corbett had spent a lifetime in psychotherapy and marriage counselling when she contacted me. It blew her away that only after one of my e-mail sessions she had gained such a deep insight in her negative behaviour towards her husband than ever before. After two more sessions she reported feeling much better, finding the motivation and enthusiasm to consistently improve her relationship. “I now listen to my husband in full awareness, and it works so well that we started to really enjoy doing things together again. Your way of teaching being mindful is a real eye-opener, Marisa. I had given up all hope, but ever since your e-mail sessions I love life again.”

• • •

Michel Vermeulen had to quit taking the antidepressants that he had been taken for twelve years, after which he had felt extremely anxious and miserable for months. “But since working with you Marisa, my biggest triumph is that the constant pressure in my head that I suffered from for so many years, is now gone entirely. Thanks to your sensible and no-nonsense advice I am unlearning deeply engrained, harmful habits. It’s not easy and sometimes I still fall back into judging, complaining, feeling disappointed. But I know I’m on the right track now. I know that I need to learn a lot more, but I really enjoy the journey. I feel so so much better!