Growing Mindfulness

Success Stories


Your e-programme has liberated my mind and soul.

carmen gurillat, business owner


Since I followed your e-course I realise how I love working in my own business. And that shift (loving what I do) only happened through your mindfulness e-course. It has liberated my mind and soul because I try not to be judgemental and not to blame others. I am sure I’ll be very successful with my new way of thinking. Thank you so much!

Your no-nonsense approach is perfect for all who shy away from airy-fairy stuff.

Astrid dEJONG, editor


Dear Marisa, I am a true fan of yours and I think it’s about time to share this with you because I’d like to thank you for your great work

I have followed Karma Kickstart and I have read your books and blog posts, and I want to compliment you for all this work. It’s brilliant and it really works! I practise your lessons from Karma Kickstart on a daily basis. It’s such a down-to-earth e-course! After that, I’ve read your book, and I still go through it regularly to remind myself of mindfulness. It’s so valuable to keep on practising.

So… thank you for your wonderful work. It’s perfect for all those perfectionists who shy away from airy-fairy stuff, but do want to create more inner peace and contentment within their lives.

Marisa's style is refreshingly alive and accessible.

Stephen Archer, Wellness Solutions New Zealand


"With a growing interest among New Zealanders in the benefits of mindfulness training, Marisa’s work is a timely resource. Her style is refreshingly alive and accessible as she shares her own experience and understanding. I recommend her approach for anyone seeking to develop mindfulness as a tool for well-being."

Marisa is down-to-earth, but still includes the spiritual side of mindfulness.

Ingo Lambert, senior clinical psychologist auckland


Marisa has a good way of bringing across ideas and thoughts with metaphors that are rich in possibilities. Although her style is down-to-earth, she is not afraid to explore the spiritual side of mindfulness."

I now know how to focus and listen without judgement.

JOYCE Bennetts, managing director


Dear Marisa, I want to say how much I am enjoying your e-course. I have both wins and challenges. My big win is committing to the cause and buying a gorgeous diary to jot down some successes in!

I enjoy focusing on one task and not judging and find that whilst I'm not successful at every attempt, I can take a step back after any interaction and look where I could have improved.

When someone is behaving or speaking in a way that I don’t agree with, I now practise awareness and this allows me to listen without judgement.

I’ll keep on practising with your wise lessons of Karma Kickstart!

Meditating is too hard for me, that's why Marisa's approach is perfect. I feel so much better now. 



I suffer from chronic pain due to a severe disorder. I'm also blind and depending on a wheelchair. Because of the constant pain I started to isolate myself and refused to meet new people, feeling more and more lonely.

Only then I heard about Marisa’s approach which doesn’t demand that I meditate. It’s exactly what I was after because meditating is too hard for me. I followed Karma Kickstart and I think it’s a very clever mindfulness course. The exercises give me the inner peace I need to be able to do my daily chores with awareness. It means that I have less time to focus on the chronic pain I feel.

Now I can finally cope with it. I’d become very negative about others, but I feel a lot calmer now and like to open myself to other people. I also notice that I am more in control of my feelings: I now refuse to be sucked into negative thoughts.

Thanks to Marisa's digital programme I practise every day and am happy to say that I feel so much better!

Marisa cares for her clients more than for money.

Savannah D.

Hi Marisa, how wonderful that you’ve cared to write such a valuable response to my email! Everything seems to revolve around money only, but that’s definitely not the case with you. Thanks!

I am a lot more relaxed since I do your e-course, thank you!

Misty Gaitens, translator


Thanks to Marisa I have grown so confident that I have started my own business.

Sandra Meijer, business owner


"I’m so happy I’ve met Marisa! She has shown me how valuable it is to allow mindfulness into your life. It has enabled me to live my life to the fullest.

Before I was introduced to Marisa’s approach I was busy trying to get a grip on my life. I lived in anxiety, then I even started to be frightened by my anxiety. It’s a horrible feeling which suffocated me on a daily basis.

Marisa’s approach has taught me to view my anxious thoughts and feelings in a different light. Her wonderful and lively insights gave me inner peace. Little by little I learned how to let go and allow myself to live more carefree. I started to enjoy my life and every experience that crossed my path. I have now grown so confident that I have started my own coaching company.

Marisa has shown me a different way, teaching me how to live more mindfully and more balanced, and without relapsing into old habits and fears.

Marisa, thank you so much. I hope that more people will allow themselves to experience how valuable your qualities are.”

Thank you Marisa, for being such a good coach.

Marie-Thérèse Blommaert, business owner


Dear Marisa, I have managed to practise each and every exercise of your e-course. Your exercises have a great effect because they make me calm, relaxed and quiet inside.

I am always very busy as I run Ascott Parnell, a luxury bed & breakfast business in Auckland. And so I had some trouble keeping up with the exercises, but I made it through the week and practised!

I practise mindfulness while doing my daily chores. I usually postpone ironing because I don’t like to do it, but now I iron a whole load of laundry in a calm tempo, with my favourite music in the background, and I’ve experienced that it isn’t horrible at all! Thank you for being such a good coach, I really appreciate your suggestions and encouragement!

Marisa's course offers a lot of valuable information for an incredibly low price. 

Mirjam everhard, mindfulness trainer


The price of Marisa’s Karma Kickstart e-programme is extremely reasonable. Being a mindfulness devotee, I must say that I haven’t seen any e-course of this quality for such a low price. Marisa’s course offers a lot of valuable information, and I have the utmost respect for Marisa and the thoughtful approach she used in putting together her programme. Keep up the good work, Marisa! Your insights will help many people finding their way to a less stressful and far more fulfilling life.

Marisa's work provides a very readable, fresh and personal perspective on mindfulness.

Hugh Norriss, mental health foundation new zealand


Marisa Garau writes warmly and with a personal touch and invites us to try various mindfulness techniques that she has used over the years to escape from her own previous chronically stressful approach to life.

Her work is potentially life-changing for some people who are caught on a daily stress and anxiety treadmill and who are introduced to a more liberating way of living and inspired by Marisa’s example of personal change. For those who are already on the path to more mindful living, her work provides a very readable, fresh and personal perspective on mindfulness that will be a boost to daily practice."

When I suffered from burnout, Marisa's insights were a true support to me.

jan v.S., managing director


Marisa’s approach has given me hope and strength. Nowadays, I can keep my cool and look at the things that happen in my life from a different, more sensible perspective. The people around me tell me that I’m a lot more relaxed than before.

It’s three years ago that I followed the regular mindfulness training, but I never got to apply the principles in my everyday life. I struggled with my job. The past years I suffered from sleepless nights and seriously considered to commit suicide.

Only when I read about Marisa’s personal journey in her mindfulness book, I decided to actually change my dreadful situation. During those dark moments when I suffered from burn-out, her insights were a true support for me. 

Now I believe in myself again and I feel powerful and strong! I have landed myself an amazing job. I love to be working again, but I now do things my way: in my own tempo and with a positive state-of-mind and renewed enthusiasm. 

Honestly, I’m quite proud of this major shift and I would like to thank you, Marisa, for the part you’ve played in my gaining this success.

I believe that Marisa's approach can change your life.

Joyce S., mum of two children


Mindfulness has literally opened my eyes. Marisa’s simple exercises are easy to apply in my everyday life, no matter how busy I am with my two young children.

Marisa has shown me how ego can play tricks with you, how you can drive yourself crazy by taking your thoughts too seriously and how you can make yourself depressed and anxious if you’re convinced that your destructive thoughts are true.

I love the quick and candid tips Marisa never fails to send when you ask her for some advice. I have saved all her e-mails in a file and read them regularly.

I believe that Marisa’s approach can change your life, because she helps you become a more balanced and happier person!

Marisa's authenticity will be beneficial to her clients.

Bruno Cayoun, Mindfulness Institute Tasmania


I particularly like the conversational style and authenticity with which Marisa writes. It is as if she is right beside me, having a chat about her experience, to which I relate very well as a practitioner. This friendly and intimate style will certainly appeal to her clients and I have no doubt will be beneficial to them too."

Marisa's approach is valuable and easy to follow.

Marijke Batenburg, Senior Clinical Psychologist


It is good to see someone who has really taken this process into her life and has integrated it with all she does. Marisa’s writing style is easy to follow and the anecdotes and exercises, that she finds have been of value, are very real."

With your e-programma it's easier to focus on the task.

Carol McMillan, CEO

Dear Marisa, I love the training broken down into little pieces. It makes it easier to focus on the tasks I have to do. Your approach also makes it easy to apply mindfulness to challenging situations throughout the day."