We're in the habit of mindlessly rushing through an endless list of tasks on a daily basis: the children who need to be dressed now because they need to be at school on time; that all-important report that needs to be handed in tomorrow; the groceries which need to be in before dinner.

What pushes you is the promise of a reward when you get to your future end result. Your ego whispers that, as soon as you've completed one of these tasks, you'll be super calm and perfectly happy.

Somehow it never sinks in that as soon as you've completed one task, new tasks, assignments and chores will flock to you, quickly shattering that bright promise of everlasting happiness at the end of that dark tunnel filled with tedious projects and chores.

In reality life consists of a never-ending stream of major and minor tasks which – when executed mechanically and without awareness – tend to exhaust and weaken you, only because you're too busy to spend some time observing and thinking about this simple principle.

And that's why today you will break that habit of mindlessly working through your daily list of tasks and chores and undermining your emotional health.

Choose a routine walk to practise:

  • a walk to the busstop
  • a walk to your children's school
  • a walk to the grocery store
  • a walk to the café / printer / toilet / mailbox in the office building

By paying attention to the process of walking rather than focussing on a future result and an unrealistic award (such as lifelong relief and happiness) you will now be able to enter a new dimension of inner peace. Because as soon as you appreciate the present moment – no matter what is going on right now – you'll find yourself in the timeless, comforting freedom of mindfulness.


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