A great part of the tension and stress you experience is caused by resisting reality. You can sense this when you think of tedious chores which you don't like to do. Underneath the dislike hides resistance against what is. This is a well-known but highly inefficient human attitude.

Resistance occurs when reality does not quite match the expectations you have of yourself and your life. You'd rather do wildly interesting stuff, like travelling the world, having exciting love affairs or running the New York Marathon. Or it could be something like being asked for mind-blowing projects or raising brilliant children who will turn out to be true world leaders.

In short: you're dreaming of achieving exceptional things which will turn those around you into humble devotees. A boring chore like cleaning the kitchen or mowing the grass does not quite fit this rosy picture, now does it?

Still, every human being deals with boring chores. No matter how easy and successful the lives of stars like George Clooney and Beyoncé might seem, even they go through boring chores on a regular basis, from cleaning the cat's litter tray to loading the dish washer.

But do not despair! There is a way of dealing with those boring, frustrating tasks. Rather than resisting until you drop, you could try a completely different approach:

moving along


It's fascinating to experience what moving along can do for you.

Even better: do not only move along, but decide to do your frustrating little chore with a sense of honour. You will do your chore with awareness and elegance, as if it's just as significant as a Japanese tea ceremony.

Chose a chore which doesn't worry you too much, but which definitely needs to be taken care of. Choose something that you have postponed for long enough now.

Some suggestions:

  • making a call to that demanding client
  • filling in your tax forms
  • helping your child with a school assignment
  • tidying up your desktop
  • paying the bills
  • replacing that light bulb
  • updating your Linkedin profile

This time you won't rush this specially chosen chore, but you resolve to take all the time you need and pay full attention to the execution of it.


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