Since Descartes wrote ‘I think, therefore I am’ in the 17th century, the era of Enlightenment, our Western societies emphasise the power and strength of our human thinking capacity. This principle is so deeply revered, that some of us consider animals and people with less thinking power to have no identity or soul.

Thinking is a very special capacity which has brought humankind many great advantages. But despite all that we’ve achieved, thinking is nothing than a wonderful part of being wholly human. Mindfulness helps to put the power of thinking into perspective and to equally appreciate your non-thinking capacities.

Thinking is a very handy tool when it comes to solving practical problems, such as ‘what shall we have for dinner tonight? or ‘how strong should the foundation of a 50-storey building be?’

But as soon as thinking derails into an endless replay of hurtful experiences from the past or frightening doom scenarios for the future, your unique thinking power no longer serves you. Instead it will prevent you from enjoying life as it is.

Your thinking power, that handy tool, can transform into a horrible tyrant who reduces you to a slave of your ego.

When you no longer control your thinking, it will automatically start dominating you – making you stressed, tense and depressed. Therefore it’s important to practise being mindful and remain the master of your thinking capacity.


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