Current brain research has uncovered that our memory is immensely unreliable, as we colour memories from the past with feelings from the present. In other words, if you are going through some rough times right now, and you think about the time when you grew up, there’s a huge chance that you will judge your upbringing negatively.

This gives you reason to wonder how accurate your memories actually are and how you should value them.

Those repeating thoughts about experiences from the past, filled with hurt and regret, going through your mind over and over again... most likely have very little to do with how those experiences really were. They are old memories which have formed in your child-brain due to childlike (thus limited) reflections, then grew into absolute ‘truths’ which were never examined since.

You must realise that almost all the people in the world (yes, almost everyone of us!) believe that as a child they weren’t good enough and couldn’t live up to the expectations of the adults around them. Another rusty but persistent thought we all seem to share is the one that we’ve missed out on a lot in our lives. So if you happen to be troubled by these thoughts, don’t blame yourself. You’re definitely not the only one and it seems to be only natural!

It’s human nature to form negative views about our past and upbringing, and hold on to these for the rest of our lives.

Do you remember that bully in your class who seemed to have it all? He most probably also believed that he wasn’t good enough and missed out on a lot… just like you and almost all the other people you knew.

When you consciously observe, classify and examine repeating thoughts, you give yourself the opportunity to let go of them. With this process you can understand that depressing thoughts aren’t that big of a deal and do not necessarily tell an absolute truth. This gives solace and a healthy distance, so that rather than being fully overpowered by the intensity of these thoughts, you can look at them in a more objective light.

So please don’t take your thoughts too seriously. They are not as unique and special as you thought they were. And they don’t tell you the absolute truth, even though they tried for many years to convince you of their importance.


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