To drink with awareness is a good way of practicing mindfulness, since you need to hydrate your body regularly anyway.

Also, drinking a coffee (or a tea, a Chai latte or a glass of water) is such a deeply ingrained habit that we’re often barely aware of the physical sensations it causes.

Usually you have your coffee on automatic pilot and quite unaware:

  • while you chat with others
  • while you talk to a client on the phone
  • while you supervise your children
  • while you watch TV
  • while you read the paper
  • while you work on the computer
  • while you lose yourself in obnoxious thoughts about the past and the future

But as soon as you can pay attention to the coffees you have during the day, you will find that this attention gives you something of real value:

quality of living


If you can focus your attention while having a coffee, each and every time, you create inner peace, since there will be simply not enough space in your brain to worry when you truly focus.

Obnoxious thoughts and impressions of the world around you cause impulsiveness and restlessness. If you train yourself to push these distractions into the background, by simply paying full attention to having your coffee, things become really calm and a lot less noisy inside your head. This not only gives a healthy break to your mind, but also to your body as it will enable you to simply reset your body's supersensitive systems.


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