To shrink away from disappointment, fear and grief which hide deep inside yourself is a subconscious impulse. Running away is a lot easier than acknowledging distressing feelings and giving them your full attention. Despite this, attention is the only way to dismantle painful feelings for good.

We all have the capacity to give attention to something, as we’re all born with this ability. Attention is a natural remedy, a mental fabric softener, a genetic cup of hot cocoa. But it’s not always easy to unearth your natural attention, as it’s often buried under a thick layer of negative life experiences which your ego loves to hold on to.

As soon as you start practising mindfulness, you can scrape away that thick layer of negativity and discover more and more patches of attention. Giving attention to something is a natural process which starts when you increase your awareness.

Giving attention is not the same as chewing on your problems. Thinking doesn’t really help because it uses the judgemental brain, and not the heart.

The pain of disappointment, grief and frustration resides in your heart, and that’s why you’ll have to start listening to your heart rather than to your thinking.

Your thinking is usually old, worn, discoloured and polluted.

Your heart is always honest, pure and sincere.

No matter how disappointed you are… your heart never lies.

Attention soothes pain. It makes a bad experience less hurtful. It gives a sense of breathing space. It gives clarity. It gives your constantly negative, churning thoughts a well-deserved break. And within that break… anger, fear and disappointment can be recognised, examined and finally set free.


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