Your mind likes to chew on the same subject over and over again, such as your horrible boss, your failed marriage or the belief that you’ve missed out on a lot in your life. Most of these thoughts demand your attention regularly.

To be able to create distance from the frustrating content of your thoughts, and not getting sucked into them (which always causes you hurt and grief) you have to train yourself in recognising and categorising these repetative thoughts.

This method helps you to look at your thoughts sensibly and not take them too seriously, so that you’ll feel less troubled by them.

Classifying thoughts is comparable to working at a pharmacy.

In a pharmacy you’ll find a lot of different pills. Some are helpful, but others can be quite dangerous. Rather than putting each pill in your mouth randomly and chewing it mindlessly (risking unwanted reactions), you now leave all the pills in their containers, in the closet. You look at them from a distance, but you won’t touch them.

You see thoughts in containers which are labeled ‘regret’, and you know that these will change nothing about your situation now if you were to start chewing them.

You see thoughts labeled ‘the past’, and you can be certain that popping these will never change anything about your past.

You also see thoughts labeled ‘agenda’ or ’to-do’, and  you know that you don’t have to chew theses, but you just have to get through your tasks.

You might also notice a container labeled ‘chances’. These are good pills to chew on because they might better your situation and maybe even your life.

You will also notice containers labeled ‘love’, ‘compassion’, ‘success’, ‘gratitude’ and ‘enthusiasm’… You’ve guessed it; these are happy and healthy thoughts so don’t hold back but take as many of these thoughts as you like!

Look with a critical eye at the different thought containers, and make sure you understand which thoughts will help you to feel happy and relaxed, and which ones won’t be able to change anything in your life as it is now.

Classifying thoughts by putting them in mental medicine containers helps to gain insight in repeating thoughts which tend to overwhelm, hurt or sadden you.

Feel free to write down your thought classifications, so that you’ll have a clear idea of the different types of thoughts that live in your mind.

With this exercise you train yourself to label your thoughts, forcing yourself to really notice the content of your thoughts and to decide which thoughts are helpful or poisonous.

If a nasty, repeating thought looms in your mind, you’ll now be quick to recognise it. You’ll know immediately that this thought isn’t very safe to chew on because it will make you down and sad. Now you have the choice to take it and chew on it… or to leave it safely locked away in its container where it can do you no harm.


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