Normally your surroundings provide for a neutral background against which your daily activities play their respective roles. Your surroundings are so familiar that you barely notice them.

Only when you arrive in an unknown city or landscape when you’re on holiday or attending a conference, do your new surroundings penetrate your consciousness in all their mighty glory... or hideousness :-) The kaleidoscope of scents, colours, differently dressed people, foreign languages and interesting habits impress you beyond belief. In that moment you feel that every fibre of your body is utterly alive!

This sensation represents the essence of mindfulness.

Opening up to new impressions… allowing reality to penetrate your awareness in all its complex magnificence… savouring the unknown… is living in the present moment. Without too many thoughts, without too many worries, without too many considerations and without too many ‘what if’s’.

Even though you think that you’re bored with your daily surroundings, you can still get the same wow! effect as if you are seeing it for the very first time. It’s because your surroundings aren’t dull at all. They only appear to be uninteresting because you never really take a good, mindful look.


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