Judging is a very powerful and impulsive reaction which leaves  little time to come up with a sensible response to a stressful situation.

The habit of mindless judging  not only has a serious impact on your emotions, but also triggers the release of stress hormones which are slow to break down, thus burdening and weakening the sensitive systems of your body. Despite these unhealthy effects, you mindlessly allow your ego to judge throughout the day… everyday.

This process is intensified when you feel pressured by family members, friends and colleagues to express judgemental opinions.

As soon as you are able to acknowledge how stressful and depressing your judgemental behaviour really is, you can bring reality’s original, intense colours back into your life. Reality is what it is, and it can cope extremely well without your exhausting judgements. Even better: you can also cope very well without your ego’s judgements!

But how can you be stronger than your judgmental brain?

Simply by focussing on your breathing.

Breathing with awareness transports you straight into the realm of the present moment where there exists no good or bad, but just reality as it is.

So when your mind is triggered to react and judge, you can resort to your breathing to instantly stop the urge to judge and prevent all hormonal and emotional responses from kicking in.

As breathing anchors you in the present moment, the brain becomes aware and has no other option than to let go of narrow-minded judgments and harsh opinions.

While practising breathing with awareness you will discover that this exercise creates a healthy distance between you and the situation your ego is eager to judge. Rather than mindless and impulsive judging, your mind can now calm down and become clear, which will enable you to respond to a challenging situation sensibly and mindfully. You might not even feel the need to respond at all, which is even better as this will prevent harsh words from being spoken… to yourself or to others.

In a moment of mindful awareness you are your mind’s master, not its slave.

A little extra challenge

When you breathe calmly and respond to a stressful situation in a balanced and conscious way… try to be aware of the people around you. You’ll notice that they will also calm down in the gentle light of your awareness. A situation which would normally trigger your ego to judge, will this time not grow out of control simply because you have resolved to refrain from adding extra judgments, stress and drama.


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