As soon as you become aware of how your thinking is trying to dominate you and have things its own way, you can start getting back in control and decide not to play along with the ego’s senseless games anymore.

The resolve to not complain awakens you to your ego’s demands and predictable reactions.

This is a new experience, because usually you are blissfully unaware that you react from the realms of ego-dominated thinking. You simply react the same way you’ve reacted all your life and you consider it perfectly normal. You think that these reactions are part of who you are.

But in reality this is not true at all. Ego-reactions are nothing more than the consequences of mindless thinking and mindless acting. Usually these mindless thoughts have formed inside your brain a long time ago and have never been examined and assessed since. And that’s why you, as the owner of your thoughts, have lost control.

Old thoughts and views and the behaviour that comes with them can be so deeply engrained, rusty and overwhelming that you have very little to say about them. Even worse, these habitual thoughts tell you what to feel and how to behave, turning you into nothing more than a slave of your own ego.

As long as you live your life mindlessly, you are a helpless toy in the hands of your unpredictable ego. And you don’t even see it because you don’t know how you are being controlled by this dominant, negative, nagging voice in your head.

As soon as you can recognise, utilise and grow the abundance of awareness, you’ll notice that life has so much more to offer than helplessly obeying your ego-driven thoughts and behaviour. You’ll quickly discover that when you become aware of the ego’s demands, you’ll be able to unravel and solve all the minor and major issues which cause you stress and a lack of self-confidence.

With mindfulness you can stop your damaging ego-driven behaviour and senseless suffering. With mindfulness you can start living a life with inner peace and spiritual depth.


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