We tend to take our body for granted. When our body aches, we pop a pill. When it’s exhausted, we kick it into obedience with an energy drink. When we feel unwell and call in sick we still take our laptop to bed because of course there is that oh-so-important report to write. And should we become seriously ill, we get depressed. Because we simply can't accept it when our body isn’t able to cope, when it needs rest at inconvenient times, when its energy levels are lower than normal, or when it really aches.

Disease doesn’t fit into our busy agenda: our body is supposed to just do what it is told without any complaint or breakdown or need for intervention. Many of us mock suggestions that maybe our body wants to tell us something as New Age psychobabble. Our body is at our beck and call and we’ll treat it any way we like.

But neglecting your body has its limits. You can only go on fooling yourself for so long because one day you’ll face your reckoning: your body will turn off the power and collapse onto the couch, and you might succumb to burnout, depression or disease. Your body has its own interesting ways to make you see that it’s time to start working towards some healthy changes.

People (like me) who have gone through this process often talk about how with hindsight they can see all the obvious signs of an imminent breakdown. Their collapse often proves to be the best thing that ever happened to them because it opens their eyes and makes it possible for them to see what really matters in life.

If your body were an innocent puppy, would you send it to that meeting while it was shivering with fever? Drag it to the gym because it had to live up to your beauty standards? Feed it a greasy take-away pizza when it actually needed some real nutrition? Every single body, your own included, deserves healthy treatment. Every body deserves attention. Every body deserves love. Just like that sweet puppy. Be a good parent and understand what a puppy needs. Walk it and play with it. Give it healthy food and leave it alone to rest when it’s tired. Not once in a while or only when you feel guilty, but every day. No exceptions, no excuses.

The miracle of your body

Your body consists of incredibly sophisticated systems.  Countless complex processes come together in order to make the body a smoothly functioning organism. You walk, you lie down, you sit, you see, you eat, you taste and you feel and you believe it’s all perfectly natural. You are used to taking your body’s functioning for granted, but in fact it’s pure magic. You only discover what a miracle it really is when one of the body’s systems goes down. Then you suddenly wake up and open your eyes to the miracle of your body that performs its tasks silently. . . your whole life, every minute of the day, even when you are asleep. Your body does everything for you unconditionally. Think about that for a while. Now consider what you do for your body.


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