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• If you are fed up with having your life dominated by your busy schedule instead of making the most of your precious time…

• If you are curious to experience the long-lasting, clinically proven results of mindfulness…

• If you do not fancy complicated and weirdy-beardy mindfulness meditations…

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Why mindfulness will work for you too

It’s important to know that it is not an unpleasant situation that cause your stress and unrest. It’s your own attitude that causes your stress.

Maybe this is not what you’d hoped to hear :-))) But still it’s good news. Since your stress issues are caused by your own attitude, it means you can actually do something about it. You have the possibility to change your attitude, while we both know you can definitely not change external stress causes, like your busy family life, short deadlines or your demanding manager. You probably have been trying to change those annoying situations and people for years, with zero results, right?

Change your attitude… and the world will change with you

Unlike the standard mindfulness training course my mindfulness approach is highly practical. It will teach you exactly how you can change your ineffective attitude towards your personal issues. And as soon as you are motivated to work on a better version of your personality, I can guarantee you that the sky is the limit.

But here’s the thing: many people aren’t motivated because they dimly have too much on their minds… And so they give up as soon as things get tough. And with the regular mindfulness training – which consists almost entirely of 60-minutes-meditations – you’ll find things get tough pretty soon.

But not to worry. I know far too well that mastering the mindfulness meditations is too hard to turn into a daily habit.

Get my e-book and turn your life around

As I know from personal experience how incredibly beneficial and healthy mindfulness is – especially when you are combining a demanding job with caring for your family – I’d love you to start practising and change your stressful life as soon as possible.

But because I also understand that you don’t have the patience for anything that takes up your precious time, I wrote my e-book in order to show you how you can learn to be mindful without having to invest truckloads of time.


With my free, 50-page digital book you will discover:

  • Simple and quick ways to learn every-day-mindfulness, without having to carve out hours of meditation from your busy schedule

  • How to get back in control of your own life and mindfully respond rather than mindlessly react to circumstances

  • Why the official mindfulness meditations do not guarantee long-lasting results, despite the hours of practise they demand

  • How my practical, meditation-free approach does provide permanent results

  • New ways to anchor mindfulness in your everyday life so that you can always count on it (even while going through emotional turbulence)

  • How to get a $20 discount on my already wallet-friendly e-programme

So you can focus completely on practising mindfulness — which will make you feel calmer, more optimistic, more clear-minded and better balanced — without upsetting your daily routine. How’s that for a deal? :-)))

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You've got nothing to lose but your stress.