Growing Mindfulness

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Before you head off and start devouring the e-book, take a moment to check out my offer which will help you find focus and balance in your life without going broke.


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If you really intend to profit from all the goodness mindfulness has to offer, doing is actually a lot more effective than reading. So why wait any longer if you can start now to create a more relaxed and vibrant life?

You can now join my digital Karma Kickstart course. Apart from getting the e-course with its 20 highly practical mindfulness lessons, you’ll also receive the fully integrated workbook as well as my free email coaching programme and access to Team Marisa to keep you inspired and motivated.

What exactly does Karma Kickstart offer?

  • Easy-to-grasp exercises with clear benefits

  • Exercises based on everything you normally do during the day

  • Very suitable if you lead a hectic life

  • No time-consuming meditation sessions

  • Long lasting results thanks to regular exercising

  • Practise wherever you wish: at home, in the office, in the supermarket, in the gym and during social get-togethers

  • Practise in circumstances specific to your daily life

  • Practise when events demand a mindful response rather than a mindless reaction

  • A clinically proven, down-to-earth method

  • Use the power of your brain rather than brain-numbing chemicals

  • Exclusive membership of Team Marisa

Exclusive membership of Team Marisa — only for buyers of Karma Kickstart

Despite the fact that mindfulness is a clinically proven method to reduce stress and enjoy life to the fullest, it can only achieve the results you’re after when you turn it into a daily habit. Compare it to training in order to run a marathon, play piano or fly a plane… you need to apply mindfulness regularly to be able to profit from its benefits.

To help you make mindfulness a healthy habit and use it in everyday situations, purchasing my e-program will automatically allow you into Team Marisa, an exclusive club of Karma Kickstart buyers. As a valued member of Team Marisa you’ll receive a series of motivational emails to help you gain the most from Karma Kickstart’s lessons.

This way you’ll remain in the practising mode while steadily integrating mindfulness in your daily life, so that you’ll profit from all its goodness on both the short and the long term.

Normally this whole package would set you back a mere US$79, but I offer you the digital course + workbook + email coaching service + membership of Team Marisa for only US$59 if you act now.

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With my Karma Kickstart e-Course I guarantee that you will not only find a permanent solution to your stress, but also that you will get your money back in case my exercises do not provide the results you are aiming for. Still, in all the years of my mindfulness approach only once did my online program not meet expectations and I refunded the full purchase amount.

As mindfulness changed my life beyond belief, I actually want nothing more than enabling you to start practising, get your stress under control and create the colourful and fulfilling life you so deserve. Hence my offer of this care-free and risk-free opportunity to follow my e-course.

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Your discount code is: NWHS4CR